Change Log

This page details all the changes made to the Ponder2 software. Changes may be made at any time and this page will let you know whether the change is large or small and help you decide whether you need the latest version. Changes are marked by the Subversion version number of the latest commit of the main program in ponder2.jar.

The version number is the number printed out by the [:Ponder2Shell:shell] when you connect to the SMC using telnet.

Version 1.287

Date: 30th Mar 2007

Category: Minor

Version 1.283

Date: 29th Mar 2007

Category: Major

Note: This release was previously released incorrectly as version 1.1 containing the wrong source files. This version should be downloaded to use authorisation policies.

Version 161

Date: 12th Dec 2006

Category: Minor

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