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Ponder2 Android Introduction

A set of classes have been written for the Android phone to map the screen elements to Ponder2 ManagedObjects. The screen layouts are created in the usual way with elements to be used by Ponder2 given unique names. Ponder2 managed objects are included in a library that support the different types of GUI widgets. They are created in Ponder2 by giving them the name of the screen widget which ties them together.

This implementation is not complete and should only be used for trial systems. Due to limitations in the way Ponder2 handles ManagedObjects certain actions taken by the Android OS cannot be recovered from. Ponder2 currently has no standard way of saving the state of managed objects so if the application is thrown out of memory it cannot recover when restarted. It is an aim of Ponder2 to be able to migrate managed objects and when this is possible they will also be able to be saved and restored within the Android system

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