Ponder2 Tutorial

Please note: This version of the Ponder2 Tutorial is dated 23rd May 2009.

The Ponder2 Tutorial zip file contains a complete Ponder2 system with extensive tutorial pages, examples and exercises. It can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The tutorial has an Apache ant configuration that will compile and run the exercises. A recent copy of Apache ant (1.7) is included and will be used automatically by the tutorial if needed.

After downloading the zip file, extract the files and open index.html in the top level directory.

Please note that the Jar files included in the tutorial are not necessarily the most recent ones available. After going through the tutorial, you are encouraged to download the latest files from the download page.

Note for Windows users: If you are using Windows it is better to open the zip file and then drag the top-level directory (Ponder2Tutorial) to your desktop. If you use the "Extract to here" function then dates and times seem to get lost and ant will rebuild the system the first time you run it, even though it is not necessary.

Changes since the last version

Fixed the incorrect RMI names for Exercise 1. The basic BSN demo did not work because the BSN sensors had the wrong RMI names.

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