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PonderTalk is the high-level language, based on SmallTalk, that is used to control and interact with the Ponder2 SMC. Ponder2 managed objects are very similar to SmallTalk classes insofar as they can be created (in our case imported), instantiated and can be sent messages which return replies. The main difference being that Managed Object are written in Java and instances of managed Objects may be held in a remote SMC, messages are sent correctly regardless of the location of the Managed Object.




Managed Object


Ponder2 Managed Objects are the equivalent of SmallTalk Classes

Managed Objects written in Java

Class Objects written in SmallTalk

Managed Objects are "imported" into an SMC. The SmallTalk syntax to create new Classes has not been included in PonderTalk

Managed Objects may be local or remote

Class instances are always local

It is not necessary to know whether a Managed Object is local or remote, Ponder2 is a transparent distributed system

The Language

PonderTalk statements are like sentences separated by a "."